Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Transcript For CCR Question 4


To start off I had used programs such as Canva and Facetune which was really instrumental for my magazine. I had taken the photos for my magazine on my friend’s Canon camera which I was familiar with so I knew exactly which settings I wanted to use to create the vibe for my magazine. I used my phone to edit the pictures if it was needed on Face Tune for example, for the table of contents I used the edit button to change the brightness of the picture to give it a more mellow aura. For the CCR I used Imovie which I am also familiar with and I just uploaded the photos I wanted to discuss for each question and recorded the audio for it. Another program I used was blogger which I used to insert all my blog entries and every process that I took to create my magazine. Lastly, I had to upload all the CCR questions to youtube which I was also familiar with. This whole process was fairly easy and straightforward to me just because thankfully I knew how to do everything already. 

Transcript For CCR Question 3


During this project, I had to use programs that I had never used before such as Canva. The thing that is cool about Canva is that they have templates for everything so making this magazine really gave me a lot of inspiration. You could also add shapes and images that they have there to spice up anything. For my cover, I had added things that were already there in Canva which fit perfectly into the theme and saved me a lot of time. I had to learn and watch many videos on how exactly to upload photos and how to make the background color different and also how to crop the photos to my liking. Next, I had to use Imovie for the Critical Reflection which thankfully I am familiar with which made this process a lot easier. Overall this is a great experience for me and I learned a lot through Canva and will definitely use it in the future for other projects. 

Transcript For CCR Question 2


Since my magazine is all about equality I thought it would be fitting to have my target audience be both women and men of any age. To make it very inclusive the colors also are what is stereotyped as pink being girly so men would not feel embarrassed or ashamed for picking it up. On the cover, I included words such as man and girl so it targets the audiences I wanted. I had engaged with my audience by stating simple, clear, and bold statements all on the cover and continuing it on the table of contents to really have reader engagement. The articles will engage both men and women because they have articles that both genders may be interested in which I think will further keep them intrigued by the magazine. I plan to distribute my magazine online just because it’s a magazine that’s just starting out I would not have the money to print it and it would definitely not be competitive enough to stand next to higher brand names. Also by distributing my magazine digitally it has a higher percentage of being read than if it were to be printed as you can see in the chart. 

Monday, April 12, 2021

Transcript for CCR Question 1


Hi, my name is Megan Costa today I want to talk to you about my magazine Venus since the beginning of this project I knew wanted it to be for women more specifically women’s issues such as equal rights in society. As you can see here in this mood board that I made at the beginning of the year I did include both genders women and men. I wanted my magazine to advertise to women of all ages and men who were willing to be educated on these topics. And I included the color scheme that I wanted to incorporate in the magazine. When researching what fell under the category of women’s magazines I quickly realized that most of these magazines are about fashion, makeup, and fitness. I didn’t quite want my magazine to follow those conventions in the sense that I did all my articles to just be about fashion or just be about make-up or fitness I want my magazine to open about the wage gap or inequality. Here is a list of what is considered a woman’s magazine. We have Vogue which is just a fashion magazine. I feel like these magazines didn’t represent the social group that I was going to. These magazines are created for white women and you can see that more than half of the covers are white women with blonde hair. Which isn’t the diversity that I was looking for but wanted to include in my magazine. At the end of my research, I discovered what I didn’t want in my magazine. I feel like I didn’t follow conventions in the sense that I didn’t broadcast fitness or makeup instead I talked about inequality. My model for the cover was a woman which is a signature trait in magazines. I had many eye-catchers on my cover that can give a potential consumer a more in-depth look at what was stored inside the magazine. Such as “it’s a girl thing” and “men of quality don’t feel equality”. Now moving on to my table of contents in other magazines such as cosmopolitan I had noticed that their table of contents had one picture which I wanted to stick to. By adding red it made it more eye-catching. Following my mood board with red. I had also brought forth issues such as sexism and women activists who are making a change in their communities. Lastly for my spread, I feel like I put my own twist on it I wanted my feature spread to have to point of view on inequality from a man and women’s perspective. I feel like it’s what made my magazine different from others. I had even made the pages two different colors to help differentiate with a photo and headline of a man. And the other page with the man and women to illustrate that they are isn’t inequality. In the feature spread, it discusses how schools should talk more about these topics of inequality and teach kids fairness. Although my social group mainly focuses on women a man could also consume my magazine and educate themselves on the importance of equality. Overall my magazine both challenges and used conventions of women’s magazines as well as talks about women’s issues.

Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Critical Creative Reflection

      Here's my final Critical Creative Reflection! I uploaded all the videos to YouTube just because it is easier to view there than on blogger and in the descriptions, I noted what program I used to create the video.

Question 1

Question 2

Question 3

Monday, March 8, 2021

Production: Final Feature Spread



The before and after, I am so happy with how the end product came out. So much back and forth, the hardest thing was having to make a decision on whether it looked good or not I asked many of my friends for their feedback because I needed reassurance. 

Transcript For CCR Question 4

  CCR Q4 To start off I had used programs such as Canva and Facetune which was really instrumental for my magazine. I had taken the photos f...